Portable Roadways – Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles such as cranes, semi trailers, heavy rigid trucks and earth moving equipment require a lot more stability on the ground compared with lighter vehicles and our range of heavy duty portable roadways provide just that.

DuraBase is the strongest composite mat on the market and has a load rating of 600psi and our SignaRoad can be used for most applications with a load rating of 400psi.  Both have overlapping interlocking edges systems which maximises load dispersion and minimises compression rutting.

Certain situations may develop where access to a site needs to be rerouted and there are often restrictions with parklands or privately owned areas on what material can be laid on the property. Our Portable Roadways are now a solution for this all too often problem facing many projects.

Our portable roadways eliminate access issues by getting machinery, equipment and materials as close to the work site as possible which has a flow on effect of minimising costs across the board and saving time.