Portable Dance Floor

Our temporary flooring system SupaTrac can also be used as a portable dance floor for outdoor areas such as a backyard, school yard, paddock, parkland or other type of venue and can be installed over any surface including grass, dirt, asphalt, sand and even mud.

Given the product just runs with the lay of the land when installed, there is no need for expensive and time consuming levelling works to take place prior to the installation making it a quick and easy option that anyone can handle.

They are not designed to be professional dance floors but they will achieve their intended purpose for a DIY backyarder and will have your party dancing under the stars (rather than With The Stars) all night long.

We offer the DIY option where you can come and pick up the DF in a ute or with a trailer and install it yourself with some simple instructions from our friendly staff.  If you prefer we can take the hassle out of it and arrange delivery, installation and removal.  It really is a straight forward process and a 5m x 5m dance floor can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.  Oh and don’t worry about cleaning it afterwards we also have that covered.

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