Mud Suppression

Accidents do happen and it is sometimes hard to tell if the ground is soft or firm given it all looks the same on the top with a nice layer of green grass and as soon as you drive onto it you feel the drop and all of a sudden the accelerator isn’t responding. You may get out but if you don’t it can sometimes be a blessing. The blessing is that no more damage is done to the site. If you do manage to get out and operations continue in the same manner the site soon becomes boggy and unsafe to operate in. In reality, there is only so much we can do in these situations as our flooring systems are only effective if the underlying ground is in tact. That is, the surface hasn’t been ripped open and underlying earth ripped up as this will have the effect of making any flooring system on top act in a bridging manner and our flooring systems are not designed for that. We do however have methods that can repair and re-enforce the damaged and muddy ground to give back acceptable stability on the underlying surface.