Bog Mats

Quick Specs-

  • L: 2.4m
  • W: 1.2m
  • H: 12mm
  • Weight: 1
  • tile = 35kg
  • Area: 1 x tile = 2.88m²


Bog Mats - Rent or Buy

Are 2.4m x 1.2m x 13mm solid plastic mats that can handle very heavy loads up to 80T and are designed for a small number of movements where a vehicle needs to be positioned or needs an access route. They are extremely versatile and easy to handle. Just throw them down, drag them around and pick them back up.  They have 2 x handles on both long sides requiring less effort to handle.  Double sided traction pattern assists with stabilising the mats on the ground and at the same time giving the vehicle tyres added traction on the surface of the mat.  All Bog Mats have holes in each of the 4 corner’s allowing them to be connected together with our 4 way or 2 way connection brackets.  Heavy duty cable ties can also be used to connect the mats.

We have a number of Bog Mat styles designed for different applications:

  • General Bog Mats – Are our main line of Bog Mat and have double sided traction pattern and can be used anywhere vehicle access is required.
  • Grass Protection Bog Mats – These are translucent (white) and allow light to pass through to the grass which prevents yellowing and maximises grass health.  The white colour also remains cooler on warm sunny days (as opposed to darker coloured mats) which is also critical in maintaining grass health.
  • Single Sided Bog Mats – Have traction pattern only on one side. This may be needed when a surface may be susceptible to denting as a result of the traction pattern/embossing leaving an impression on the subsurface after a vehicle has driven over it for example asphalt, a tennis court, an artificial grass playground or any other type of prepared subsurface.

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Quick Specs-

  • L: 2.4m
  • W: 1.2m
  • H: 12.7mm
  • Weight: 1 x tile = 35kg
  • Area: 1 x tile = 2.88m²


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